Getting A Great Deal On Your Fitness Products

ONNITGetting a Great Deal On Your Fitness Products

We live in dangerous sedentary times. Most of us work in an office and get hardly any time to workout. With rising obesity levels, chronic aubrey-marcus2diseases have also started raising their ugly heads. However, doctors are quick to point out a simple fact. If you add even thirty to forty minutes of a workout to your routine daily, you can preserve your health. You can lose weight and ward off nearly every kind of chronic condition, provided you workout carefully and sensibly. But if you are anything like me, you know that starting a workout is going to be difficult. No one likes jiggling their overweight bodies at a gym and it’s embarrassing enough to keep me away from public workout areas. Well, you are not alone. I don’t like working out in public areas and I use online resources to get into shape.

And my favorite go-to site is Onnit

Why Onnit?
Onnit has everything I require. The site offers workout clothing, workout accessories, supplements and even targeted information on how to diet and lose weight sensibly. I particularly liked the fact that the website had a huge selection of online trainers. Yes, that’s right. The website has almost twenty trainers that offer information and guidance on how to work out, what to focus on and how to get healthy quickly. In case you have medical problems, there are also online medical professionals who will guide you on what to do and when. In this end, this bottom line is that this site helped me to lose weight and get fit and I am happy with them.

So What’s The Problem?
No problem but as an online shopper, I do tend to compare rates and deals. Now, Onnit is great as it offers discounts and deals that really work out and I get my products and services at discounted deals. But I cannot help but wonder if I could get these deals even cheaper. And apparently, I was right to wonder as Onnit has great coupon codes and deals that it offers online to new and regular customers. Here is what I found.

• Buying coupons – You can buy an Onnit coupon for 10% off from group websites like Groupon. This kind of group coupon is great as you get several products, services, and packages under a single coupon. Please note that deals do tend to change regularly, and it’s a good idea to register for these group websites with a separate email id. Make sure you have an email alert also set up for the company as well.

• Third Party Coupon Websites – Onnit likes to encourage new customers. As a result, the website sends a few of their coupons to third-party sites and these coupons are not found anywhere else. If you are looking for a specific deal, we recommend that you find two or three coupon websites and register with them. When you set up a mailer alert, you will be notified about the coupon becoming available.

• Industry magazines — There are industry magazines that will also have coupons for the Onnit website. Since Onnit specializes in fitness products, all you have to do is sign up for as many online fitness magazines as possible. Remember, that Onnit is a niche site and it may not advertise in all fitness magazines. Try the top three online magazines or websites online and you should find some great deals.

• Social media — Onnit has a solid online presence and it has accounts on almost every online social media platform. The website does promote special deals on their social media accounts but these are limited period offers and you have to download or make use of them immediately.

In The End, It Comes Down To Saving Money On Every Deal.
I like Onnit and I find it a great resource. But after finding so many coupon codes, deals and offers, I now find the site super-affordable as well. If you are new to working out, I would recommend signing up with Onnit for their services. And don’t forget to get the coupons and codes to make shopping on Onnit affordable.

Understanding Drug Tests And How To Pass Them

urine-testTaking a closer look at some of the reasons why drug tests are done can be key to helping you understand if you are a possible candidate for testing in the near future. These tests can be done in public or private institutions as stipulated in the law.

Testing for overdose – when an individual is rushed to a hospital and the doctor determines that the patient is exhibiting symptoms of drug overdose, the professional may order a drug test. The test allows any doctor to know the exact drug that is taken and the amount in the system. This information makes it possible for treatment to be done effectively.

Law enforcement drug testing – there are certain drugs that are banned by law and the use of such can result in criminal prosecution. When police act on a tip-off or suspect that someone is using an illegal substance, the law gives them the authority to conduct a drug test to ascertain the situation. The results from such a test may be used to build a case against the suspect.

Employment tests – to ensure that all employees in an institution are achieving peak productivity levels, the management may put measures in place to discourage substance abuse. Random drug testing in such institutions makes it possible for the management to know who may be engaging in the use of harmful substances. The thought of having to go through such tests and failing can act as a deterrent to people working at the institution.

School drug tests – this basically refers to tests that are done on students. Anyone that fails such a test is usually penalized. In certain instances, the school has the authority to expel students that are engaging in repeat offenses.

Types of tests

Blood tests – these tests involve collecting blood from an individual to determine the exact drug used and the amount in the bloodstream.

Urine tests – these are common in educational institutions. They may also be used in corporate organizations.

Saliva tests – this involves the taking of saliva samples from individuals that are suspected of using drugs in the wrong way.

Other tests – some of the other types of testing may involve faecal tests, hair tests, breath and physical examination testing.

Tips for passing drug tests

The key to passing a drug test is good preparation. However, most institutions know that people can easily pass if they are prepared which is why the tests are often random. Nonetheless if by chance you learn of an upcoming drug test try and find out the type so that you can do the right thing.

Once you get wind of an upcoming test you are supposed to quit using any substance that can compromise your results. Some drugs are known to remain in the human system for over a week which is why you must stop using.

Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body of the toxic effects of the substance you were using. As you drink water and other healthy drinks you tend to urinate more and this helps you get rid of toxins.

While using a synthetic urine kit may help, the risks are high and must be taken into consideration first. People that manage to replace their own urine with a synthetic substitute are likely to pass the tests. However, if the tester finds out that you tried to use the trick consequences may be more severe. Read through online resources to find out about some of the best synthetic urine.

Early morning preparation on the day of the test can go a long way in achieving success. Take a shower and use strong shampoo for your hair. This will clean out any residue that may be stuck on your skin or hair. Brush your teeth thoroughly and use a strong mouthwash to be sure. Put on clothes that are clean. Keep in mind that some tests involve physical check up which is why this preparation is recommended.

These are just some of the things you can do to increase your chances of passing a drug test. The only sure way of passing any test is to stay away from the substances that are not allowed by law.

Nootropics: A Gentle Primer On Smart Drugs And Brain Health Supplements

Many different compounds are known to have positive effects on cognitive function and brain health. These may be referred to as Brain Mredicine“nootropics”, “smart drugs”, or “brain health supplements”, and include things like caffeine, L-theanine, creatine, Bacopa Monnieri, and omega-3 fatty acids. Some people have also attempted to use Adderall as a nootropic, but that can prove problematic for a variety of reasons. By far the most ubiquitous nootropic is caffeine, with 90% of North Americans consuming it daily.

As most have already experienced, caffeine boosts alertness and focus and may have a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease. However, it does have some unpleasant side effects like anxiety and increased blood pressure. Fortunately, L-theanine, which is found in tea, happens to be particularly helpful when paired with caffeine. The mild anxiety-reducing effect of L-theanine mitigates many of the negative effects that caffeine can induce and further boosts caffeine’s attention-enhancing effects, producing a state of relaxed focus.

Whether you heard about it on the radio or read it on the Internet, nootropics brain health supplements represent a fascinating development in the health industry. The term nootropics is used to describe a group of so-called smart drugs, brain health supplements that purport to improve your memory, eliminate the brain fog that so often accompanies aging and even reverse cognitive decline.

Bacopa Monnieri is a herb with solid research supporting its significant memory-enhancing effects and its tendency to reduce anxiety. This nootropic’s main drawback is that it takes 8 to 12 weeks of use before its effects become noticeable. Creatine, on the other hand, takes effect much more quickly; it improves performance in cognitively demanding tasks and seems to mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation on executive function. Regrettably, creatine also carries the possible side effects of stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

People spend a lot of time, energy and money making their bodies look and feel younger. From gym memberships and healthy eating plans to dental implants and cosmetic surgery, there are plenty of ways to reverse the physical signs of aging.

But what about the mental effects of getting older? Until recently, there has been little men and women could do to make their minds feel younger, but recent advances in brain health supplements have changed all that.

While there is a great deal of research still to be done, there have been some promising results in the field of brain health supplements. While there is still no magic bullet that can reverse the signs of aging and make your old brain new again, there is a reason to hope that we may see incredible lumonol nootropic supplements breakthroughs in our lifetime.

The Origin of the Term Nootropics
Many people think the best nootropics concept is a new one, especially since the term has been making the news so much lately. The word nootropics does sound modern and scientific, but in reality, the concept has been around for more than four decades.

web_nootropics-2The nootropics term was originally coined back in the 1970s when scientists first started to take brain changes and brain chemistry seriously. Since those early days, scientists working to reverse the effects of aging have developed a number of man-made chemicals designed to improve brain function, improve memory and deal with cognitive decline.

In addition to the man-made chemicals scientists have developed, researchers have also worked to improve naturally occurring plants and the drugs that are derived from them. Modern science is still learning from ancient cultures, and many traditional medicines appear to have an impact on brain health.

For thousands of years, shaman and medicine men have been using natural plants and their chemical derivatives to treat their fellow tribe members. As scientists work to understand the impact these chemicals have on the brain, many people expect new breakthroughs to occur.

As with any promised medical breakthrough, it is important to separate the potential benefits of nootropics from the hype that often accompanies them. While some studies have shown promise in these types of supplements, so far the cure for dementia and cognitive decline remains elusive. As long as you understand the limitations and keep your expectations realistic, there should be no harm is using supplements to boost your memory and make your brain feel younger. Even a small difference in brain function can mean a lot, so stay tuned for further development in the nearly half-century story of the nootropics movement.

Do You Remember that HILARIOUS Movie?

reefer madness screenshotOMG… we couldn’t believe we were able to find this website. That movie, Reefer Madness obviously went down in history as one of the most hilarious propaganda films of the 1930s.

It was supposed to show the dangers of weed, but if any of the people who originally made that film are still around, I can’t even imagine how embarrassed they might feel today. If you haven’t seen that film, you can get a feel for it in this movie trailer I found on YouTube. So, while we put this site together, enjoy the clip!